Saturday, April 17, 2010

Milbloggie Awards

So in the lead up to the Millbogger Conference, I wrote about the Milbloggie Awards. This post will explain a little more about them.

First off, if you are not already, you should be signed up at JP tracks all the milblogs, he is the godfather of Milblogs. There are 2,643 military blogs listed there.

The first step of the process was to break those 2,643 milblogs up into 11 categories. Then there was a nomination process from which the top five were selected in each category.

Finally....on to voting.

So you can see how remarkable people must have felt these blogs were. If you get nominated in for a Milbloggie and you are a fan of get it. When I say it was an honor to be's not just words.

You can view Milblogs by branch here.

There are currently 104 blogs listed in the category "Military Supporter" and a bunch of people decided I was in the top 5. Wow. I was happy with my standing. I knew I didn't deserve to win, but I didn't want to be last, lol. So, I was 3rd - perfect!

I was extremely pleased with the USNI blog winning in the US Navy category. It was well deserved. They had some stiff competition from the Phibian! I also thought it was a great thing the ADM Harvey's US Fleet Forces Command Blog was also in the top five.

At the conference CDR Salamander made the speech while Mary Ripley and Jim Dolbow looked on. I was the one in the tiara, whooping and yelling. Again, one of those times I really wish I knew how to [put my fingers in my mouth and whistle really loud!

The sentimental favorite was "A Little Pink in a World of Camo" who won in the category "US Military Spouse" out of 400 possible choices. We gave Rachel a standing ovation when Mrs. G finished reading her acceptance speech. Rachel wrote in her blog that she was sorry she wasn't at the were we, Rachel.

So, now, do you get it? It was a big deal for a blog to win a Milbloggie just a little over a year into it's existence.

Congratulation to all those who contribute to the United States Naval Institute blog! I also wish to congratulate Mary Ripley who has shepherded this blog as it came online and continues to grow and inform.

In other categories -

Thursday night I got to hang with the winner and a fellow nominee in the "US Army" category. YouServed radio is hosted by CJ, this years winner and Bouhammer who was nominated in the same category.

During the award ceremony Uncle Jimbo's speech accepting the "US Military Veteran" on behalf of "Blackfive" was interuppted by the crazySniper. He played Kanye and explained that the award should have been won by This Ain't Hell.

But nothing got a bigger laugh than Taco of The Sandgram, the runner-up in the "US Marine Corps" category reading an imagined acceptance speech on behalf of the winner Castra Praetoria. "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

We were teasing Jim Dolbow after his speech accepting the US Coast Guard award on behalf of "The Unofficial Coast Guard blog". We told him he should have said "Save! Save! Save!" or "Swim! Swim! Swim!".

The "Unknown Soldiers" won for "US Reporter" and that kid was very enthusiastic. He gave a good speech.....but I was rooting forSusan Katz Keating (shhh!)

Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners!

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Susan Katz Keating said...

Maggie, I am honored! Thank you! I rooted for you, too...
And I'm liking this blonde thing... hahaha!