Friday, April 23, 2010

Visiting CHINFO

First, let me say I know this post is two weeks late, lol. Two weeks ago today....I was in The Pentagon.
So after the regular tour and meeting in the Pentagon, some of us had the chance to sneak over the Navy side.
Now a much smaller group - @publicrelations, @NotJustANurse, @MyMilitaryLife, @NavalInstitute & @FbL1 - we moved out led by @USNavy & @NavyNews.

We pulled up in a hall while someone checked to see if "The Admiral" was ready to see us. While we waited @CNO_PAO came by and was introduced to our group. When he got to me, he playfully pretended to dismiss me, then he asked me about the car. Fun times!

So, who were we waiting for? RDML Moynihan of CHINFO. How cool is that? I was pretty impressed. Sure I talk a lot of nonsense about how important I am and how everyone should drop everything because I am visiting....yada yada yada. But I actually know how hard these Sailors are working and how much stuff they have to get done every day. I know their time is valuable and I am very appreciative of the time they took out of their schedules to meet with me.

CHINFO is the U.S. Navy Chief of Information. Currently the head of CHINFO is Rear Admiral Dennis Moynihan.

While we waited, we got to meet LCDR Tamara Lawrence, who @NavyNews described as the "fulcrum" of CHINFO. Tamara gave us a short description of her duties...and let's just say we'll keep her on speed dial!

Then it was into a very nice conference room where I took a seat at the head of the table! (Have you noticed sometimes I am a tad pushy? Shhh....). We had an off the record talk about social media with the heavy hitters of CHINFO including RDML Moynihan himself. And as if I couldn't love him more.....the Admiral is a Bruins fan!

This is me, setting forth policy.

RDML Moynihan will see this at some point because he has very competent people who will point it out to him, so....let me say - Sir, please know that my offer of assistance was heartfelt. Anything I can do for you, I will.

Mary Ripley, Media Marketing Director, USNI - gives advice that is actually useful vice my nonsense.

It was very gratifying to see how far the Navy has come in the social media world. Their accomplishments in just this last year, getting different commands on Twitter and Facebook; opening up lines of communication between decision makers and those at sea and on the ground in IAs; bridging the gap between the military world and the civilian world have been impressive.

Two Bruins fans ans some other people.

Are you looking to connect with some facet of US Navy social media? Your 1-stop-shop is this directory.

Hey! Is that guy on the left Twittering while I am setting forth policy?

On our way out, CDR McIlnay talked to us about the blog they were about to have up and running. Mary asked some questions and gave some feedback, after all, she is an experienced blog wrangler! And's up and running! You can see it here - Navy Live!


JihadGene said...

I ruv the way you say TWITTAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Rear Admiral Denny Moynihan!!!!!! I dated him briefly in high school and he was a great guy even way back then...a gentleman, always a leader in our class and well-liked by all! Our Navy is in great hands with him.
Denny, you better remain true to your Boston sports teams, though...even if you're all the way down in the D.C. area!!!!
All the best!!!!! -V