Thursday, April 15, 2010

So, Maggie....What's The Deal?

Are you wondering why there is jackshit out here for posts?

Well Maggie is having a turbulent time here.

Yesterday was supposed to be the foreclosure sale on my house. The car is dead. It feels like everything I touch goes wrong.

I have spent the last few days wallowing. I haven't even been packing. Without a car, I haven't been able to shop or go to the gym or call the shots with my own schedule. The girls in the office have been very good about getting me into work and Frankie's Brittany has been equally good getting me home.

I found season 5 of "24" on a book shelf and I have been wasting precious packing/blogging/working/sleeping time reliving President Palmer's assassination.

I've been having terrible dreams. Nightmares where I was nearly afraid to go back to sleep. Like scary Stephen King stuff. Last night I had a dream where my mother was angry with me about money and bills. My mother is not upset with me in any way, so I don't know where that came from.

But today is better. I am getting my hands on a car that I get to keep for a week. And strangely, the bank postponed the foreclosure yet again.....January to March to April 14th and now to April 28th.

So starting tonight I will start putting up Milblog stuff.....promise.

In the meantime, a good place to start is here -
From the Outside In: Observing the 2010 Milblog Conference
This is a Milblog summary by Claude Berube who is a professor at the US Naval Academy.

Did you read it? He sounds like he had a great time at the conference, doesn't he? Well I should think so....on Saturday he had lunch with me!

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