Monday, April 19, 2010

Patriots Day and Sam Adams......Beer

A post for Jennifer

On my way into work I was listening to NPR's Morning Edition on WBUR. They had a brief interview with Jim Koch, founder of Sam Adams Brewery. He wants to make Patriots Day a federal holiday.He also discussed how he came to found Sam Adams brewery.

Jen loves Sam Adams, he is her favorite American Patriot.

She also loves Jim Koch's fine products. It is so funny to be around when the seasons change. You have never seen anything as funny as Jennifer when Octoberfest or Sam's Summer comes out.

So, Jen.....I expect you to raise a glass Sam, to John, the John Hancock...and that glass will have Sam Adams in it!

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Anonymous said...

I heard that interview and coincidentally, my husband went to the store and had Sam Summer waiting for me when I got home. Until this interview, I didn't realize that Patriots Day was a Massachusetts Holiday. Thanks Jim!