Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's The Opposite Of Relaxing In the Spa

It's when you work for a medical equipment/home oxygen company and the Joint Commission shows up!

After my wonderful relaxing Sunday in the spa at Foxwoods, I woke up Monday and headed back down to the 9th floor. We were going to head back at a leisurely pace, there was no rush.

I stopped at the front desk and asked about a pedicure at the Grand Salon. I got my pass for the spa. I stopped at the women's locker room desk, got my locker key, etc. I stowed my bags in the locker and headed back out. I had left my wrap in the lounge the night before, I wanted to go see if someone had turned it in. I also planned to grab a tea to sip as I read by the pool.

As I passed by the front desk, my cell rang. It was Rachael. "The Joint Commission is here. I am NOT kidding!" My brain froze, I was 100 miles away. "That's fine. I am on my way."

I told the woman behind the desk to cancel everything, ran down the hall to the locker room and grabbed my stuff. As I passed the woman at the front desk, she was holding out the money I had just paid for the pedicure.

I grabbed my boss, stuffed her in the car....and we were off!

I must admit, this was much easier than previous visits. The surveyor was much nicer and very relaxed. A former Marine. Plus we all have cell phones and instant messaging, so there were no surprises. I knew what was happening and what questions were being asked. that made me soooo much more relaxed.

We passed.....I rock!

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Barb said...

Well done - but I'm sorry you missed your Spa day.