Thursday, April 08, 2010

Like the Coroner in Land of the Munchkins Said.....

"I've thoroughly examined her, and she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead."

So last night the Saturn blew up. Guess I was congratulating myself a little too soon, huh?

Is my trip to the Milblog cursed? First it was the expense of fixing the car eating my Milblog budget. Now, I am scrambling to get a ride to T.F. Green for my 4:20 pm flight. Am I meant to be there?

Yeah, blew up.

The oil light came on last night before I headed into Boston to grab Frankie. Not that unusual, the Saturn burns oil, I always get oil quickly. Most times I have some in my trunk. I stopped and bought two quarts thinking I'd use one and have a spare. But the car needed both. No matter, I was planning a trip to Walmart later, I'd get more.

I drove in and got Frank and we headed back south. The oil light came on. Now that was unusual. Frank and I flipped the mental coin - get off at exit 16 or 14 to get more oil.

We picked 14.

We picked wrong.

Big clunking noise. Then the car died. Then something fell out from underneath and banged on the ground. All the lights came on and the car died.

Flashers on, everyone out and on the other side of the guardrail. Then Brittany points up the road. What had come off of the car had bounced over the guard rail and was on fire and spreading.

Two fire trucks. Two State Troopers. Frank's friend in a car to pick them up. A tow truck for me.

My Marine says to me "Why is there always a cloud of drama around you?"

I said "Ummm.....doesn't everyone have one? It goes with my entourage."

So my car is dead. I got home and poured a Coke & ate some chocolate. There went Atkins, but what the hell, it wasn't going to make it through the Milblog weekend anyway.

My boss is driving me to TF Green.

Bet you are glad you are not on my plane, huh?


Anonymous said...

the airline should totally give you a free drink you totally deserve it!

Boquisucio said...

Did she go out with a bang or what! The good folks on the North Shore will mark this event by the way she managed to set The Bay State on fire.


wolfwalker said...

That's a thoroughly wretched tale, Maggie. My sympathies.

Though part of me is wondering what could have "fallen off" the underside of your car and been hot enough to start a grass fire.

Here's hoping that in some devious way your car insurance covers the damage.

(ps: hoping also that you have insurance, and the mention thereof is not unintentionally rubbing salt...)