Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Milblog Rollercoaster

We've been running nonstop since early yesterday.

Walter Reed

The Pentagon

The opening panel of the Milblog

The Jail-n-Bail fundraiser

Panels all day today

The Navy presence in quality and quantity from last year to this has been night and day

One more panel, but then we just move on to dinner, and the Milbloggies.

You should be following the live stream.

I should be pulling together links.

Oh well, for someone who blogs, I am not that technologically advanced. Ward Carroll was teasing me about my lack of an IPad or some such. "Oh you're from up in Boston with your sailing ships!"

He's right! But not to worry, I will devote some time to this later. There's lots of content out there at some fine blogs, including some of the many Castle Argghhh!!! denizens who are Darling Chief where are you!

My stuff will come know I am always tardy.


BillT said...

Where *am* I?

Have you forgotten so soon?

Taco Bell said...

Boston Maggie,
You made my day! I loved your hat too!! Can't wait till next year!