Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank You Tussing Elementary School!

This is from CJ & I really want you to read this story and lend a hand. I am reprinting his post whole. The link to his post is embedded in the title.

Thank You Soldiers
April 14, 2010 By CJ

Remember all those teachers indoctrinating our youth in the liberal ways of stupidity and supporting socialism and marxism? Remember the teacher at Langley High School that decimated the honor of our Iwo Jima veterans by putting a McDonalds sign on top of the famous flag-raising photo and inciting students to “discuss” it for a grade? Well, I’ve actually found a teacher who found an honorable way to recognize our troops with a positive song that understands the true sacrifice of our troops.

This is the Tussing Elementary 3rd grade class singing a sincere thank you to our brave and strong soldiers, men and women, past and current, for protecting us in times of war and peace.

The song was written by Michael & Angela Souders.

If you’d like free sheet music to the song or want to buy an audio copy of the song, check out their website here.

Now, I freely give away contact information when I ask you to scream and yell at teachers and faculty. This time, I would like you to send letters and emails and phone calls of support and appreciation to this school and its staff, especially Mr. Sounders (interesting name for a music teacher, eh?). Here’s how you can contact them:

David K. Staples, Principal
5501 Conduit RoadColonial Heights, Virginia 23834
(804) 524-3440

Michael Sounders, Music Teacher

Here is the contact information for the board members:

Sandra ColemanChair

Leslie P. FryarVice Chair

Chris Kollman

Cindy Shortlidge

Dr. Joseph O. Cox, Jr.

This is a Virginia school and it’s important that we recognize the ones that are doing it right, especially after the pounding we gave Langley High School for their ignorance and lack of patriotism.


marymay said...

I appreciate you putting the links right there and have sent an email to each teacher and board member. It's nice to know there's still some patriotism in our great nation.
From a 32 year elementary teacher

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this song and what it means to me as a proud is so wonderful to hear our CHILDREN singing it. It is exactly what my heart and head believe and it is so great to hear it being said in this way!! Thanks to this teacher and this school's administration and board!!

Melissa D. said...

I am a liberal, as is my fiancee, my parents, and most of the people we know. My future husband has been in the military over 40 years, in both the Army and Air Force; his son, my future son-in-law, over 10 years in the Navy. We have other relatives and friends in the military too. Oh, and BOTH my parents were teachers, now retired. I just wanted to say - as much as I love this song - and have forwarded it to everyone I know - the introductory comments about "liberal ways of stupidity" are disgusting. I found this site via a Google search, so I can only assume this is a conservative blog.

I realize that comment came from the man who sent the information, not the blogger herself, but it's hatred like this that hurts our great nation far more than any outsider ever could. You should be ashamed of perpetuating such divisive rhetoric, even in the guise of posting something uplifting and positive.

BostonMaggie said...

Melissa - While I appreciate you taking the time to comment, it is unfortunate that you can't see the problem of many liberal school teachers using their positions to improperly influence children.

It's not *every* teacher, but certainly enough that it is a problem. I have experienced it first hand.

That's one of the reasons this video is a hit with many people, because it's unique.

The post doesn't say that people with liberal views can't be patriotic. I live in Massachusetts. It's full of liberals.....and patriots. The author of the post is highlighting the problem of *some* liberal teachers abusing their positions.

Rosemary said...

What an awesome tribute to the men and women all over the world. This song was sent to me by a member of my Church, I direct a choir named "Hands of Praise", we are a Sign Language Youth Choir, and will be signing this song on Memorial Day, to honor all soldiers. Thank you

msouders37 said...

Thank you so much for posting this video a few years back, and helping us spread the word of "thanks" to our heroes! I have been trying to find a way to contact you or CJ, but have had no other luck than to "comment" here. Our 3rd graders at Tussing have a brand new song of hope and inspiration for our nation, as well as "thank you" to our heroes, and I would be honored if you all would help us get the word out! The song is called "I Still Believe", and the youtube link is:

Thanks for any way you can help us!

Michael Souders
Music Teacher
Tussing Elementary School
Colonial Heights, VA