Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy 1st Friday in Lent!

So the afternoon panel wraps up and I have two hours before the next one.

My favorite panelist was Dana Freyer of the Global Partnership for Afghanistan. I was completely fascinated.


You know at some point I have to go to Beachmont Roast Beef for my favorite roast beef plate with fries and cole slaw.

Tonight? Tomorrow night? I decide tonight. I drive along route 16 in heavy rush hour traffic. I get there, place and pay for my order. I go out to the car to get my cell phone and it pops into my head.....

Today is the first Friday in Lent.

Oh well, the fries were good. and there's a fridge in the room.

Roast beef for breakfast!!


Miss Ladybug said...

I've done that before, even one time to the point of taking a bite! Today, it was my tuna salad with saltines in my lunch (I don't like it on regular bread - MUST be toast!), and I had a grilled cheese sandwich with Fritos just now for dinner.

Anonymous said...

My mom told me the church changed the rules; we could eat meat on Frydays. So fuck the cheese sandwiches, lets worry about our nutrition. Hinnies for everyone!
Good night from Violet, LA.

BostonMaggie said...

Miss Ladybug,
I too prefer my tuna on toast.


Your mother is incorrect. There was a time when Catholics abstained from eating meat every Friday. The rule change narrowed that down to Fridays in Lent. today is the first Friday in no meat.

Also, abstaining from eating meat on any or all Friday's should have absolutely no impact on anyone's nutritional status.

Miss Ladybug said...

My mom told me that when she was growing up, it was no meat all throughout Lent, and also every Friday of the year. Then, with Vatican II, it was changed to only Fridays during Lent for the no meat rule. I'm glad I grew up after Vatican II. Going 40 days having to eat grilled cheese and tuna salad and beans? Ugh.