Thursday, February 11, 2010

Like It Wasn't Easy Enough To Distract Me!

Made it onto my Blogger's Roundtable call by the skin of my teeth.....thinking about what I want to ask. Although half the time I end up asking about something that comes up in the call.

I was still dressing and trying to get out the door while we waited for RADM Handley to come on the line to talk about the increased mission of Navy Seabees in Afghanistan.

As you know.....I have an interest in the Seabees...seeing as I have my own NMCB now.

There was a brief opening statement and then we were off with questions - Jim Dolbow, Richard Lowry, Andrew Lubin, Chuck Simmins, Dale A. Kissinger and some others I'll name later (sorry, I didn't know everyone on the call).

Disclaimer - Chuck's question was wayyyyy better and brought up this whole interesting line of thought. But I'll post on that later when I have the transcript. For now, this is just the nonsense post where I tell you I got discombobulated.

I start my question about reservist Seabees when RADM Handley broke in to say he knew I had been to Port Hueneme last week!!!! What? All I could do was laugh.

PETTY OFFICER SELBY: Thank you, sir. And Maggie, you are next.
Q Morning, Admiral. My question has to do with Reservists. The forces that you're talking about right now that are about to leave -- (word inaudible) -- are they active, or are they Reservists?
ADM. HANDLEY: Maggie, that's a very good question. And we havea balance, as I mentioned early on, with active and Reserves. And I think you were able to visit with NMCB 21 recently, were you not?
Q (Laughs.) Yes, sir, I was.
ADM. HANDLEY: Well, we do a little research. I saw on your blog that, and you had some great comments from the CNO. But right now we have NMCB 22 in country today. And that is a active battalion. We are transitioning to -- excuse me; that's a Reserve battalion. We are transitioning to having the -- essentially two Reservecomponent battalions that will be in Afghanistan.

I'm not sure how I feel about people knowing who I am....

So there will be another post later with the serious and interesting parts of RADM Handley's call.

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