Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Musings

I am enjoying a nice low key Sunday. I am in work, on call because both owners are out of town. Otherwise I think I might have snuck off to Foxwoods. It would be lovely to sit in their pool area on a sunny day.

But I made the best of it! I used my new Lavender & Calendula Salt Scrub .... is it wise to mention it was also an anonymous gift that I receieved last weekend? Well, regardless, it was just decadent and I love the smell and feel of it. Nevermind that I feel quite virtuous because I didn't spend over a hundred dollars on a spa body polish to feel this way.

Then I do what all New Englanders do on sunny February Sundays.....I went to the car wash! LOL, and I vacuumed the car earlier in the week. Again, good girl points.....

Now I am in work, enjoying my flowers, listening to Dick Cheney on "This Week".

Midrats is coming up in an hour. This week - Galrahn, Phibian Salamander and Eagle1 are discussing "The Response to Piracy" with Daniel Sekulich and my Pirate Guy, Kevin Doherty of Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria . Join us in the chat room.


Mark Tempest said...

Thanks for joining in the chat and for the nice plug.

We ought to put you to explain "Bostonese" to us.

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! I am writing my blog post on it as I listen to the podcast.

You guys tease me, but Daniel was the cutie today with his Canadian accent.