Monday, February 01, 2010

Plan A - Scrapped. Plan B - Slipping Away

There was a plan for today….there’s always a plan….right? Well the plan was to run all errands and do all packing on Saturday and then head to bed early. Then I would get up really early on “Sunday…I mean like crazy early and head down to Foxwoods. The spa opens at 6 am. I thought that I would get to spend a few hours in the pool….the jacuzzi…the steam room……then I could head over to TF Green at 10, get there by 11…1:30 flight. Perfect, right?

Well, the errands and packing part went pretty well…but the sleep plan….not so much.

Frankie and the boys were supposed to be headed to some party in Southie and they weren’t supposed to be home until after I left. But the boys came home early and we ended up hashing out the details of the party and other stuff. It was a lot of laughs, and truthfully, I wouldn't have missed it.

So I woke up too late for Foxwoods, but every thing else went smoothly right up to counter at Budget Rent-a-Car. The wanted a credit card that had $450 they could put a hold on! $450! I knew there would be a hold but I expected $200.00 do I get to Port Hueneme?


wolfwalker said...

A different car-rental company? I've always gotten pretty good service from Enterprise.

Ernie said...

Hopefully you're there by now, but if you're still at the airport, and I assume LAX, go over to the USO. It's just north of the flying saucer restaurant between the north and south terminals. I'm thinking somebody at the USO can help you find a way to PH. Good luck.