Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cold Clam Chowder?

I loathe chowder and the guys at "30 Days Through Afghanistan" actually made it seem even more unappetizing, lol. I almost gagged watching Tech SGT Ken Raimondi, USAF choke down the chowder because the Canadian rations don't come with a heating element.

Follow this link and watch "Day 13" where they talk to the Canadians about their food. On the one hand they were having a little cookout with steak and baked potatoes.....then....IMP demo.....

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MRE vs. IMP either way.....LOL


Boquisucio said...

How do you say Clam Chowder in Qu├ębec? But seriously, when done right, Chouddah is one of my favorite appetizers for dinner.

MIKE’s Shack up in Wells, ME makes one mean Chouddah.

KJR said...

LOL! I just found that you posted this and yes... it was pretty gross! :) BTW... Love Boston! I have family in MA and never tire of the North End. :)