Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For All I Beef....

...I am actually very grateful for the good things that come my way.

So I have some stolen swag from #WEST10 and some thank you cards and some totally cool Distinguished Sailors commemorative stamps.

You see I had access to the "Field Notes" some made it back to Boston with me. Part of my job at #West10 was to chase Sailors up and down the exhibit hall floor and make sure they received the coolest handout at #WEST10. It wasn't always easy, but somehow I bore up under the intense pressure, lol. I am only half kidding.....My Marine interfered with my mojo. Baby! Being in the Rotation means learning to share.

Anyway, some happened to fall into my suitcase. I am the tormented product of a mother who wouldn't take a sugar packet from a restaurant and a father who defined the Navy word "cumshaw". So I stole some - but I feel bad.

So I will be sending out thank you cards to some of the many people who make my blogging life what it is and sharing my loot.

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