Saturday, February 13, 2010

Secret Admirer???

Guess I'm glad I came into work today.....

Pretty much on target. Whoever the sender is, he reads me. Flowers - good. Chocolates - good. Stuffed animal....ehh not so much. I'm not that girl.

And as far as the flowers go, they are perfect! Iris is one of my favorite flowers, second only to lilac and just ahead of hyacinth. The colors are beautiful. And they smell fabulous. I am big on scent and these are just lovely.

I called Jen and read the card -

"Just another secret admirer of Boston Maggie.

Have a wonderful day.

The CNO knows Maggie"

Jen laughed and said...."Well, they didn't come from me! Keep dialing, it wasn't this number!"


Grace said...

Can I take credit for it if no one else does?

BostonMaggie said...

But you are not an admirer of BostonMaggie...secret or otherwise. You and your sister Jennifer are always picking on BostonMaggie.