Tuesday, June 17, 2008


TIGR = Tactical Garbage to Energy Refinery.

Today's Bloggers roundtable was Dr. James Valdes discussing the two prototype TIGRs that are operating in Iraq. The Army is looking to people like Dr. Valdes for innovative ways to fuel our military forces.

Some interesting points I'll throw out here quickly. The three biggest diesel guzzlers are stoves, generators and trucks transporting diesel. According to Dr. Valdes, this is a big logistics issue for the Army. Reducing the need for transporting fuel enhances security. Dr. Valdes quoted an officer as saying that the cost of fuel isn't measured in dollars but blood. I'm paraphrasing here, I'll get the exact quote when the transcript comes out. He referred to fuel convoys as targets. So the less we fuel we have to transport.......the fewer targets. There is also a benefit on the back end. Right now this same trash he is proposing turning into fuel has to be disposed of in other ways. One of those ways is to have it hauled away by locals. This presents an opportunity for the bad guys. Every local you let inside Camp Victory is a potential threat. Another method of trash disposal is incineration. That also uses diesel.

Right now running the size and type of generator Dr. Valdes is working with takes five (5) gallons of diesel per hour. Once his TIGR is powered up (about six hours) that amount is reduced to one (1) gallon per hour. That's a serious savings.

I'll write more about this after I decipher my own handwriting and I will post the transcipt and audio.

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Interesting application. I can see how it would make sense there.