Monday, June 09, 2008

The Horror of This Is Breathtaking

The Phibian is trying to make us look beyond our comfort zone at some things. This is beyond horrific.

But the killings go on. They have even spread to neighboring Kenya, where an albino woman was hacked to death in late May, with her eyes, tongue and breasts gouged out. Advocates for albinos have also said that witch doctors are selling albino skin in Congo.

The young are often the targets. In early May, Vumilia Makoye, 17, was eating dinner with her family in their hut in western Tanzania when two men showed up with long knives.

Vumilia was like many other Africans with albinism. She had dropped out of school because of severe near-sightedness, a common problem for albinos, whose eyes develop abnormally and who often have to hold books or cellphones just inches away to see them. She could not find a job because no one would hire her. She sold peanuts in the market, making $2 a week while her delicate skin was seared by the sun.

When Vumilia's mother, Jeme, saw the men with knives, she tried to barricade the door of their hut. But the men overpowered her and burst in."They cut my daughter quickly," she said, making hacking motions with her hands.

The men sawed off Vumilia's legs above the knee and ran away with the stumps. Vumilia died.

Those who hate Western Civilization in 2008 advertise one of two things; their ignorance or their embrace of evil. Full stop. Western Civilization is not perfect - but we left this stuff behind 1,000 years ago or more.

Those poor people. There are good people in Sub-Saharan Africa, but you have to appreciate the hill they have to climb. Horror show.
The emphasis placed on the second to last paragraph placed on the second to last paragraph is mine. I am so sick and tired of the multi-cultis trying to explain that we are the problem. Read this and tell me that the West is the problem.

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Stella said...

Bostonmaggie. This is beyond politics. I am, like you, horrified. I thank you, but you leave me speechless.

Then again, I firmly believe that Abu Ghrab and Guantanamo undermine the goals of Western Civilization. The thousands of Iraqi children who died for no reason is a disgrace, also. We have to recognize that there are good people and fanatics in all cultures.

I am neither ignorant of nor embrace evil just because I am a liberal. We are a great culture in many ways, but that doesn't mean we don't have room for improvement.

A president who jokes about not finding WMDs about our soldiers out there dying for no reason and cut Veterans' benefits six years in a row, is clearly ignorant and/or evil. My source is solid: the federal budget. Soldiers who put their lives on the line deserve all the benefits we can offer in thanks.

I reject the Phibian comment about, "Self centered, narcissistic female leaders" in the Navy. Many male militaryr leaders are also self-centered and narcissistic. I find the statement misogynistic. If you delete the word "female," then we move into misanthropy, which is seems a more appropriate description for humanity as a whole.

But that's another post...

This liberal likes visiting you and learning a perspective that differs from mine. Your posts make me think and I firmly believe that to heal this nation, conservatives, moderates, and liberals need to communicate without rancor.

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.
~~Thomas Paine