Sunday, June 01, 2008

Princess Crabby Knows How To Follow Orders

Well, sometimes.
Ummm, in this case?
YES. That's it. In this case. Definitely. In this case, Princess Crabby knows how to follow orders!

FbL, posting at the Castle in the H&I Fires and CDR Salamander both linked to Major John at Miserable Donuts and Milblogs. They told me to go and look and I followed should too.

Why I fight - in pictures[Major John]
Don't waste any anger on the downbeat tone of the writing, but instead - give credit to the WaPo for letting the world see these images. They tell, in better elequence than a hundred blog posts of my writing, of why I am here helping the Iraqi Army .

Follow the link and see what Major John sees, what all of America needs to see.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful isn't it?

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