Saturday, June 28, 2008

Censure Rep. Wm Delahunt

*****07/01/08 Update - I'm getting hits from They are following google searches about Delahunt. Just in case you are wondering - I'm still pissed.********
William Delahunt is my Congressman and I am appalled by his behavior. I will be actively seeking out his opponents and working for them.

This morning I open my usual web pages and blogs and there he pops up in all his ignorance on CDR Salamander's page. The Phibian was linking from RedState. Of course a conservative webpage (RedState) would not care to much for a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts. So I clicked on the video with my grain of salt.

They are right on target, Rep. Delahunt should be censured.

Further updates from RedState are here.

I love where I live. I couldn't live elsewhere. But there is a price to be paid and having this asshat for a Congressional representative is part of that price.


Rob said...

How could Delahunt have "identified" Addington to Al Qaeda, considering Addington already was on public television and is known as the VP's Chief of Staff? The right wing blogs make utterly no sense on this. As for censure, I can't believe you're serious. I think the content of Addington's talking points and the actual act of waterboarding are much much more serious and requiring of legal action than an offhand remark by a Congressman.

BostonMaggie said...

You are missing the point. Mr. Delahunt's behavior was unprofessional in the extreme. He snuck into that hearing (and yes, I do mean snuck) with the sole purpose of sticking it to this Administration through Addington. He waited around until Rep. King stepped out of the hearing and jumped in. It wasn't fact finding which was the alleged purpose of the hearing, it was just boorish behavior.

Tell me this Rob, suppose the shoe were on the other foot? Suppose a Republican crashed a hearing and said something like this to someone from Carter's or Clinton's or Heaven's forfend, Obama's administration? Yeah, it would be different, wouldn't it?

How about if during Clinton's time in office one of his aides or assistants were testifying before Congress and a Republican congressman had closed his questioning with "Hey, be careful where you cross the street because some people who disagree with you might run you down...and now they know what you look like!"?????

I am fully aware that it is highly unlikely that OBL is sitting in a cave watching CSpan and plotting Addington's murder.

My point is that it was rude, and needlessly hostile just so Delahunt could get his rocks off in front of the camera.

He knew Addington wasn't going to answer. Addington believes what he is saying and while Delahunt wouldn't *get* this, you can't bully a man with principles. You can disagree with him. You can think he's wrong, but Addington is there in D.C. doing what he sincerely believes is his duty in protecting America.

Rob said...

So Delahunt's rudeness equals censure? That's a pretty high standard to hold and would essentially mean numerous Congressmen and women would be censured every week for their comments. And if the shoe were on the other foot and it were a Democrat "attacked" like this, I would laugh it off and have a little thicker skin. Wow, a Congressman acting partisan and going a little over the top? What is this world coming to? Pardon me if I get slightly more offended by the everyday outrageous conduct of Mr. Addington and his cohorts. Also, the irony of Congressman King being involved in all this is laughable. I look forward to your call for his censure next time he slams Helen Thomas' looks (an 85 yr old woman) or claims Al Qaeda wants Obama to win.

BostonMaggie said...

It went beyond mere rudeness. But I already went over that.

Mr Addington is out there doing what he thinks is right to protect America. I agree with him. You don't apparently.

Since Obama is the candidate endorsed by most terrorist groups and intends by his own admission to gut our military to the extent that he can......I don't think it's such a stretch to think AQ would want him to win. I hardly think they want McCain.

Go on and get offended by anything you like. No need to ask my pardon, it's a free country.