Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm A Gatie Guy

I will post at more length (and more substance) later on the very interesting subject of today's Bloggers Roundtable with Col. Thomas J. McGrath, Commander ARSIC South,Kandahar, Afghanistan. You can listen here on BlogTalk Radio. The whole thing is interesting. My nonsense runs 8:53 to 10:40 and then again at the very end when we are signing off.

So, we are discussing the building of the Ministry of Defense Hospital when I ask my important follow-up question -

"I read you bio.......Where are really from? Gate of Heaven? St. Augustine's?"

"Ha! I'm a Gatie guy! Matter of fact I got commissioned on Old Ironsides back on June 20, 1981. How about you? I saw from're a Townie. "

"Yeah, I'm a Townie!" I confirmed, laughing.

"So, where you from in Charlestown?

"The 'wrong hill' between the Constitution and the Monument."

"Okay, I know that well. Yes, indeed. We probably know each other."

"Well, I told them this is the only one I wasn't going to need an
interpreter for

Col. MacGrath agreed "Yeah, that's true. I picked up - I just heard that voice of home. I was like, oh, that sounds wonderful. Well, that's wonderful.
My family's still back in Southie, and my sister lives in my mother's house, and my other sister lives where my father grew up. So, you know about Irish people - we never leave home. (We laughed) Except for me. Go, Celtics! Right?

Hehehe! And he talked as fast as I do!

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