Saturday, June 14, 2008

Princess Crabby sneaks Down To Foxwoods

So Friday Jen & I sneak down to Foxwoods on someone else's dime. A room from my boss. Jen's boss covered the facials in the Grand Salon. A special guest appearance by the Air Force covered dinner. Then nothing but the pool.........on the the the steam room, my hair loaded with fabulous rosemary mint hair conditioner.

But everywhere I go there's something.

I was headed down the hall to the sauna behind two of the spa employees. They joined two more who were already standing at the door of the sauna. All four were young girls, twenty years old or so.

"Maybe you should shut it off."

"What if someone wants to use it?"

They turn and look at me. "Were you going to use the sauna?"

"Well" I smiled. "Not if you broke it." No smiles in return.

"No, there a girl in there. She's passed out."

I look and indeed there is a girl, face up on the sauna bench, oblivious to the open door, cooling temperature, or the five people observing her.

"Did you call someone?" I ask as I walk past them into the sauna. They respond in the affirmative, they have contacted their supervisor. I felt for a pulse and told the girl who followed me in to get one of the iced face clothes that they keep in a bucket just outside the door. She's breathing fine and is indeed, passed out. I tap her cheeks, call to her and rub the iced cloth on her arms and dab her face. Her eyes flutter. "That's it honey, open your eyes." They flutter again. The girl on the bench mumbles that she's fine. I tell her of course she is, now sit up. She tries too quickly and I catch her coming back down. We get her to a sitting position and I hear a sigh of relief from one of the young girls behind me. Sleeping Beuaty's head goes back against the wall and the eyes close again. "I'm fine." I answer as I rub her back and urge her forward and up "You'll be much more confortable out in a nice chair, come on." She asks for her shoes and the girls tell her that they are in her locker. One girl says "Your friend is waiting for you". I think, not a very good friend since she's no where in sight. Then I realize it must be a man. Of course men aren't allowed in the ladies spa. So that means she's been in here long enough for some guy to realize it's been too long and then decide it's been so long that he's willing to go summon an employee. Then even longer while these girls look for her, find her, call for each other to come and stand at the door - lol- calling her name.

Wow - that's a long time to be in the sauna.

So, I get her up and that breaks the freeze with the staff. The move forward, taking her arms, steadying her and helping her down the hall. One takes her locker key and get her stuff.

The last girl holding the door looks shaky and thanks me. The others turn and thank me over their shoulders. I laugh and tell them they just needed someone's mother to come along.

I dump the wet cloth and the towels from the sauna for fresh ones for me. My turn. When I come out Jen is there.

"What took you so long, I thought you passed out in there!'

"Not me, someone else."

I tell her the story. She shakes her head. It's always something with me, she has ceased to be surprised.

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