Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Am A Prude

I didn't know it before last night.

Jen & I went to see "Sex & The City", which we liked. But I thought the graphic sex scenes were not alluring at all. I found the Miranda sex scene "ehh" and the stuff Samantha watched left me cold. But the scene where Carrie came home and walked through the darkened, candlelit apartment to find Big on the deck was incredibly sexy.

Guess I am just a throwback to those 50s movies I love so much.

What is sexier than Cary Grant kissing Eva Marie Saint at 1:20 of this clip?


Teresa said...

I won't be wasting my time or money going to see that movie. I only found the television show mildly amusing.

For years they pushed to get rid of "censorship" in movies and television, but that meant they didn't have to actually be very clever with the writing. So, in place of witty dialog and good stories, we now mostly get bad sex scenes and lots of 4 letter words because it's so much easier to write. (who needs clever when you can write the way you hear people talk every day and call it "reality" *sigh*)

I own North by Northwest - it's one of my favorite movies. Cary Grant was wonderful.

Galrahn said...

My wife saw it while I took my girls to see the Indian Jones flick. The guy in front of us bought tickets to "sex" for him and his girlfriend.

I couldn't bite my lip... I stopped him, looked him in the eye, and asked if this really the path to long term happyness with this girl.

He said nothing and smiled. Then I asked him for his man card.

My wife hit me pretty hard for being a jerk, but my teenage daughter got it, and that is all that is important.

Forcing a guy to go to the theaters to see that movie is the defintiion of a controling bitch. There is no long term happyness there. I'm just defending men everywhere, and won't apologize for it.