Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yoga, Masochism and Maggie

I am a person who believes that she should be treated well. I am self indulgent to a fault.
John at the Castle refers to me as "Princess Crabby". SouthieBoy finds me to be incorrigible when it comes to demanding adulation. He claims to do his level best not to feed my ego, but he fails miserably. If someone doesn't like me, it doesn't bother me because I really truly believe that the fault lies in the other person, lol. I am not kidding. I would never even tolerate a man looking at me crooked. The rules of the Rotation are to think I am the greatest thing since sliced acknowledge that it's all about pay attention and deal with the fact that I am high maintenance.

I am not *into* pain of any kind, no whips, no chains, no spanking, etc.

So.............can someone please explain to me why I voluntarily went into the healthclub last night, laid on the floor and let Jerry torture me? Why would I willingly let someone make me grab both my ankles while on my stomach and assume the *boat*

position? Why would I even attempt *thread the needle*? If something can't be reached I have minions for that. If something is to heavy I have peons for that.

I can't raise my arms above shoulder height today......and I did it to myself. I can't figure this out.

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