Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hot Saturday Night

I am off to sister Jen's meeting some friends and I am the DD (that's designated driver). So I will stop in and say hey to the girls.....I am the favorite older sister. Some of these girls have been part of her crowd forever and we have had adventures. But I will not stay for the whole confab. No I will head up to the parents and terrorize my father, shattering the peace of his quiet Saturday night. A short while ago, while on my way to the first night of the EPIIC symposium, I blew through my parent's house......talking, running, using the facilities, and dashing out the door. After I was gone, my father came downstairs and said to my mother "Thank God she wasn't twins!" LOL Now he has to put up with me for the whole evening. I've already called and alerted him to my arrival.

Me "What's for dinner?"
Dad "Where?"
Me "Your house."
Dad "When?"
Me "Tonight."
Dad "Nothing."

LOL, I can't wait to see what he comes up with for me........

Don't forget, tonight they repeat the series premiere fo "The Unit".


jarhead john said...

At least you get to see your parents. I'm in Japan, so it's a pretty long drive to drop in on them. They're not getting any younger either, sooo......well, it just kinda sucks.

BostonMaggie said...

I can't imagine that. But I bet they know how much you think of them.