Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hot Comment Party at the Castle

Yesterday I was hanging out at The Castle when out of nowhere and completely unrelated to the post.....Owen shows up. Owen is a lib flamethrower who pops into The Castle once in a while to agitate the Denizens and lust after the Armorer's arsenal. Generally speaking, as a lurker, when Owen shows I leave. However, for some reason, last night I stayed and and even returned after yoga. I actually responded to Owen in a thoughtful manner instead of sticking my tongue out and stamping my feet. Some thought my comments had merit. John of Argghhh! actually gave me the compliment of posting a quote from my comment on the sidebar. So go to the Castle scroll down and there I am on the right - Princess Crabby (I forget how John came up with it, but it was right after he tried tagging me with cockroach at another comment party).

Thank you John.

p.s. - I am not doing such a good job at lurking when I am there........I do a much better job at that SWO site I visit every day.

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