Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai Ports World Deal

Where do I even start? This was like watching people riot or stampede. you stand off to the side and wonder what the hell is going on. Have they lost their minds? I will be the first to admit that when Chuck Schumer raised the alarm on FoxNews back on February 13th, I was upset. But then I looked into it. I read stuff. I talked to people who *knew* things. I gave it rational consideration. I didn't let anti-Arab passions inflame me. I didn't let radio talk show hosts looking to boost ratings get me all spooled up. I love listening to Howie and Jay Severin, et al. They are funny and entertaining, but that's not where news comes from.

Now it's done and calmer voices can be heard.

General Abizaid: "I am very dismayed by the emotional responses that some people have put on the table here in the United States that really comes down to Arab and Muslim bashing that was totally unnecessary," Abizaid, who just returned from Iraq for meetings in Washington, told reporters.

The New York Times editorial: If the DP World debate distracts Congress from the larger issue, it will have only decreased overall homeland security

Kevin Hassett, director of economic policies at the conservative American Enterprise Institute in Washington: "I think it is very dangerous to enter a new world in which every purchase of an American asset by a foreign entity is scrutinized by the government. It could make U.S. assets less attractive to foreign buyers because they wonder whether there will be potential future buyers if they decide later to sell what they have purchased."

Lawrence Lindsey at the American Enterprise Institute: "The UAE isn't any old Arab country. It sits astride the Strait of Hormuz through which a fifth of world oil passes. Iran sits on the other side. A fighter jet or cruise missile would take about two minutes to go from the UAE to Iran. From a global perspective, efforts by the U.S. Congress to alienate the UAE at this time look about as sensible as Russian roulette." The whole article here.

It was not as dangerous or extreme as the Muslim cartoon business, but it was just as irrational and mindless. If this interferes with any chances I have of going back to Dubai and being treated like a goddess..........heads will roll!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It does not appear that anybody with an ounce of common sense is going to stop this from going in the tank. The administration let this one get away from them. Way too slow reacting and getting the real story out. So late in fact that the real story is drowned out by all the hand wringing! You can be sure there will be consequences of one sort or another. Boeing may take the it. maybe it will be some other economic hit. But it will come and it will take a bit of time to patch this blowout.

BostonMaggie said...

Start signing these posts dammit! Now my number one son is also posting anonymously.