Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hey SouthieBoy.......Is Your Forehead Dirty?

It better be! Frankie and I dashed up to Boston for Ash Wednesday Mass. This will likely be my last one with Father Mahoney (this is an issue I will beat to death!). We made pretty good time up to the split, then again in to the gas tanks (Frank's prescence in the car got me in the HOV lane). We were 8 minutes late, which for Mass in the Chapel means past the Gospel (oops). I was running past the church when I saw Joan, Fathers assistant and yelled to her that I was re-living my childhood --running late to Mass! After Mass we went down to my parents for breakfast. My Dad was cooking and I wasn't paying attention. Just as he called Frankie into the kitchen I was on the phone checking in with work. I walk out to the kitchen and there's Frankie and my Dad eating bacon!!!!! LOL

me: Dad, no bacon! No meat!
Dad: No, not today, that's Friday.
me: No Dad, it's today and the next seven Fridays.
Dad: (big sigh - insert my real name)No. Not. Today.
me: Dad. I. Am. Positive.
Dad: Hmmmmmmm. You know maybe you're right. But I'm exempt, I'm over 70.
me: Yeah! Frankie's not.
Dad: *evil laugh*

Meanwhile.......bacon is allllllll gone.

Frankie laughs and says: Papa gave it to me.

My mother just sits there and laughs.


C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Forgive me. I know this is off topic, but I have to tell you how much I liked your comments about Cheney on Jarhead John's site. I laughed out loud and re-read your comments seveeral times.

I did a bit on my blog similar to this stating that 'W don't lead by polls' even if DC got an 18% approval rating!

And, yes, I got my forehead dunked yesterday as well. Still have not figured out what I am giving up for lent. I know what I will take on, but for the giving up part...probably caffine or sugar. Sound tough? It should be. Isn't that the whole point of lent?

Great Blog! Semper

Anonymous said...

If things progress in their usual fashion, by the time I figure out what's left for me to forego, it subject is of academic interest only.

I'll let you know on Easter Monday.