Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Word To The Wise

That's something the nuns used to say to us.
Not that I think there are any *wise* people running things over in Iran right now............but maybe there's one that's not completely retarded.
This story is on the BBC this morning
Iran drones 'can attack US ships'
By Frances Harrison BBC News, Tehran
An Iranian website close to the Revolutionary Guard has said they have drones that can launch attacks on American warships in the Persian Gulf.
This comes as the US has sent a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf in a move it says is intended to warn Iran that it intends to have a regional presence.
Both sides have increased the talk of war readiness in recent weeks.
This comes as concerns mount internationally about Iran's nuclear programme and its involvement in Iraq.
The Baztab website quotes the acting commander of the Revolutionary Guard's land forces as saying that Iran has unmanned aircraft that can fly long distances and launch attacks on American warships.
The commander reportedly said this would make the Americans leave the region in shame.
He added Iran had all US activity, including the slightest changes of the enemy, under constant surveillance.
And the website also quoted the commander claiming that Iran had managed to put the logo of the Revolutionary Guards on the side of an American warship in the Gulf to demonstrate how insecure they were in this region.
There is no independent confirmation of these Iranian assertions, but they show how Tehran is trying to counter what it says is the psychological warfare of the Americans with claims of military superiority.
Every few weeks, there are new Iranian war games and state television shows pictures of fresh military hardware like missiles and torpedoes being tested
Now here's my gift to you, Iran. My 'word to the wise'. My one good deed for the year. A kindness from a small, atrophied, bloodless heart. Advice from Princess Crabby.

Not that I think this sage advice will help Iran. Why not? In the article above "The commander reportedly said this would make the Americans leave the region in shame. " YGTBFKM!!!!! LOL! I don't fucking think so buddy! Not even with cooler heads than mine at the helm.


Anonymous said...

Let them talk Maggie. It would be bloody and expensive but we know who will prevail!
Looks like we could have "a mother lovin'Navy war!"

BostonMaggie said...

I believe you mean a "a gut-bustin', mother-lovin' Navy war"......... "In Harms's Way"!