Friday, February 02, 2007

Ok, I Haven't Said Much About This Nonsense

But I watched them briefly at their arraingment and now I want their heads on a platter. You think it's funny? Asshats! I'll tell you something funny. You two doing any kind of time in general pop. Now that will have me laughing.........and my hair will look a lot better.


Bob said...

By the time I saw those two nimrods for the second time on the evening news last night, I was hoping that they might be dropped off in South Boston in a working man's beverage establishment for a bit of hair dressing.....and a serious asswhupping. Are those two asshats related in any way to the chief asshat from up there, the junior senator Jawn Carry?

dbie said...

TAG!!! You're IT!

(i need to write about this story too... maybe this weekend)

ryan said...

THe worst part of it is that they were advertising for a crappy ass show. I hate most of CN's in-house shows. They almost all suck. Seriously suck.