Sunday, February 04, 2007

When ADD Slides into Alzheimers

It took a while but it is officially winter here in New England. I spent November and December in sweaters with no problem, but when the chill finally arrived I couldn't find my winter coat. I thought about it every time I was running somewhere with my teeth chattering. I checked my closet. I looked in the storage boxes. I called the dry cleaner. Nothing. Then last night as I was getting ready for bed, kicking off my shoes, I lost my balance for a second. I put my hand out to steady myself. My hand should have touched wood on the back of my bedroom door. But there was plastic. I turned the light back on. There, hanging on the back of my bedroom door was my winter coat, in a dry cleaning bag. Apparently, last spring in a fit of organization, I had it cleaned and hung it out of the way on the back of the door. I only close the door when I am going to sleep, after I turn out the light, or on my way out of the room. So I literally never saw it.

Alzheimers is tragic in one so young and beautiful.


dbie said...

That reminds me of a poem my Dad told me once, when he lost his glasses. I can't remember the poeme exactly... but my Dad found his glasses exactly the same way the poem ends, LMAO.

Grandpa lost his glasses
Oh where could they be?
*something something something*
On top of Grandpa's head!

FbL said...

Heh. I've done things like that SO many times. But there are also times I can literally see what I'm searching for and still not process that it's what I'm looking for. Someone can even say, "see there's your _____. And I say, "Yeah?" It usually takes a few seconds to realize that Yes, that is what I'm looking for.

Scary, I know. :)