Monday, February 05, 2007

Hey Gracie!

Bird Flu Detected on Turkey Farm in England

By Kevin Sullivan
Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, February 4, 2007; Page A14

The deadly H5N1 Asian strain of bird flu, which has killed 165 people since 2003, has been confirmed on a commercial turkey farm in eastern England, health authorities said Saturday.
Officials said the disease had killed 2,600 turkeys on the Bernard Matthews company turkey farm in Suffolk county, northeast of London. All 159,000 turkeys at Bernard Matthews, one of Europe's leading producers, were being slaughtered as a precaution, and television footage showed thousands of carcasses being dumped into trucks

Each symposium has a pandemic going with me?

Fighting the Tide: Responding to Pandemics, 2:00pm

Deadly Migration: Confronting Avian Flu

Hehehe....just like when we were kids, I am trying to freak GracieBaby! When we were young we would go to the movies at the Coop (open air, 8mm movies that Red got from somewhere for all the kids in the neighborhood). This was at our summer place. At night it got sooooooo dark. Trees blocked out what few street lights there were. I never missed a movie, I loooooove movies. Grace would want to skip the scary ones and I wouldn't let her. So after making her watch Frankenstein or the Wolfman we would have to run back to the cottage holding hands. The first 250 feet to the street corner was actually pretty well lit and people would be milling around. But once we rounded that corner.......darkness! My father would be standing on the porch watching us. We'd be nearly hysterical by the time we ran the last 200 feet. LOL . Surprise! I was a hysterical little girl. What? You're not surprised? My father always knew when the movies were over because they would say goodnight and announce the next movie with a bullhorn....easily heard at the cottage. Those were great summers. Red managed to show "The Green Berets" at least once a summer.............sigh............John Wayne!

Poor Gracie!

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Barb said...

Oh, man - John Wayne movies ... *sigh*. I still think The Quiet Man has the best fistfight in a movie ... ever. My Mom was the movie buff in our house, and we always watched the Sunday matinee on TV, some of my favorite memories!!