Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Late

So just a few random thoughts. I was a super slacker today. I blew off the symposium today and had breakfast with Jen.

I caught two of yesterday's panels. Education and Entrepreneurship: Are Asia’s Top Minds Thinking Outside of the Box had Brian Klein, an excellent speaker. The panel on "New Asian Great Game" had several interesting speakers. I learned a lot. The thing that absolutely floored me was the chart showing per capita use of energy. The leader'll never guess..........even SB didn't get it(he guessed UAE)........Kuwait! WTF? So Southie ventured a guess that it's because of water desalination. SB guessed UAE because of their huge desalination plant at Jebel Ali. However, I could have done without the crack the German made. Hermann Scheer was discussing energy and when he got to the military aspect he made a remark to the effect that he wondered if we would be in Iraq if it were on land full of fruits and vegatables. Kiss my ass. The actual question is could Saddam have become the terror he was if Iraq was a land of fruits and vegatables. Whatever.....asshat.

I really didn't accomplish anything today. Joe came by to look at the front door and the saggy floor around will, of course, cost more than I have budgeted for it. I hate owning a home. I want to just pay rent somewhere and when something goes wrong, pick up the phone.

So Jen & I finished "The State Within". Overall, two thumbs up.

We recorded the Oscars and the news afterwards in case it ran long. That way we got to FF the commercials and stupid catagories. It ran so long we missed Best Picture. Oh well, the right movie won and that's what mattered. I love that Jack Nicholson announced it. It makes you wonder if Departed really did win or did he just say that. It would fit the whole theme if Frank Costello stole the Best Movie Oscar. Will Farrell gave due respect to the Dot Rat and Jen and I thought that was funny.

What the fuck was Meryl Streep wearing? She was up for an Oscar for her portrayal of arguably one of the most fashionalbe women on earth, Anna Wintour......and she wore something goofy. A brown shirt with orange beeds and a gray plastic looking thing. It looked like some sort of medical monitoring device.

Now I am listening to FoxNews Sunday. I love Bill Kristol.

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