Monday, February 26, 2007

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Who deliberately joins the Navy just to sabotage our military?

Jonathan Hutto. "60 Minutes" aired his/their side without questioning anyone's motives and no airing of the other side and no context. Typical.

You must go to Greyhawk and read about the "Petition for Redress" and Hutto's part in it.

I first read about this over at Op-For, so go read John's take on it too.

The best thing to do is go here to the Victory Caucus and see what you can do to counteract this crap.
So, you read all this and you followed all the links. You're thinking, "What else can I do?". OK, here's something else. Carla over at Some Soldier's Mom has posted a request for children's clothing to be sent to Iraq. Remember, there are many fronts in this war and there is a way for everyone to help. Murdoc's photo doesn't have to be true, we don't have to be "at the mall".

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