Sunday, February 18, 2007

The State Within

The State Within is a new series on BBC America. I heard a review on NPR early this afternoon and it sounded like something Jen & I would like. The NPR assessment was that it was a British "24". I called Jen and told her to DVR it. The first episode was two and half hours. Just before it ended Jen pronounced us hooked. It's true. Despite the British accents, thank God for rewind, we really liked it. Of course, it is hard to take the basic premise that the smartest, most honorable man in DC is the British ambassador. LOL The SECDEF is Sharon Gless and she is a bloodthirsty hothead. The FBI are oafs that need help from the British top spy (what is the equivilant to a CIA chief of section?). The Governor of Virginia is a hysterical racist. Senators need moral prodding from the lone voice of reason......the British ambassador. There is another story line involving a Falklands war hero on Florida's death row. It's the sketchy guy from Jericho. I always thought he sounded like a guy with an accent.

Two thumbs up.


Shawmut said...

I caught "State Within" and was intrigued by the plot. I share with you the irony that the singular example of ethics is the UK Ambassador (not to mention the Constitution); (And an action man?)
What was significantly absent; American glitterati. Maybe a polygamous actress with pet-spouses in her retinue or or a dysfunctional parent pursuing peace.
But I have to admit, I was hooked.
It did portray the various levels of criminality, greed and ego, that as elements of the plot are no less major concerns of the day.
Remember MICE (Money - Ideology - Compromise - Ego) as a code for corrupting someone. Scratch the plot and you'll find some plausability.
Everyone who gives the air that they're well-read in History indulges in quoting Lord Acton. You know, the "Power Corrupts..." line.
More likely in his mind was "Power corrupts,.....'but someone must govern'".

BostonMaggie said...

You seem to know a lot about corrupting you have practical experience?

Shawmut said...

My words might suggest that a little bit of experience in counterintelligence might corrupt and influence the view that others see though rose colored glasses. It's the tendency toward excess that defeats us humans.
I'm hardly that pious. I probably enjoy the company of people with habits that most deplore, than with folks with virtues that awe the pharisees.

BostonMaggie said...

Woohoo! I'm in!

linearthinker said...

Another BBC miniseries I recommend from the 90s: The Peacekeepers. If you see it in reruns, check it out. It follows a platoon of British troops through their experiences in Bosnia. UN overseers presented as the feckless, self-centered, effete snobs I've always thought them to be. [Perhaps my own prejudices being reinforced lead me to recommend the series.] Keep in mind if you catch it that it preceeded the Kosovo actions by several years.