Saturday, October 23, 2010

Although It's Great To Be Home.....

.....I was invited to the Maryland Renaissance Festival by a good friend who is going with his family. I enjoy being with him and his wife, so I know I would have enjoyed meeting their two daughters.

Besides, I could have gone shopping for one of those "wench" outfits......the plus side of gaining all this weight is that I could really rock the "spilling out of the bodice" look.

On a day like today, cool, sunny.....that would have been really fun. I'm not big into it like some, but I have been a few times and it's fun. Especially with kids. I still have a flowered headpiece with ribbons down the back from King Richard's Faire. Grace and I took the kids and I had to have them for Debbie, Genevieve and I....Grace wouldn't wear it.

So if you are there, wave to my friend Mike....he's the guy with the biggest grin because he is there with the three prettiest girls.

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