Monday, October 04, 2010

It Was A Wild Monday

Look at the water. This is a bay and the water is rarely rough. The wind was howling. I had to fight my way down the driveway.

I'm here. Things are good. I worked hard all weekend on my old house. I made it to infusion today, on time...cookies in hand. I am completely exhausted. I slept 11 hours last night and now I am ready to sleep again. Something's up with the sound. But that's just as well. I have to sleep.
I may have jury duty tomorrow. Today was steroids.....tomorrow morning is another dose of steroids. Don't you fear for the poor bastard that looks in the jury box and sees me!

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surfcaster said...

Two (strike that) THREE things.

1) There are occasionally Stripers around those rocks.

2) Yes, that area is usually F.A.C. Flat. Ass. Calm. Photo looked normal for the general ocean front until I recognized he rocks and they are not oceanfront ;)

3) Shoot me an email if you want me to look at your laptop. I'll be between Sag beach and Marshfield Tues/Wed next week and I'm a geek for a living.

jredmond at