Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Day In History - October 27th


Warrant Diver said...

The Red Sox have such a devoted fan base it is unreal. I coached my 10 yr old's Little League team in Connecticut and had to break up fights almost daily between Red Sox and Yankee loving kids. The Yankee kids were doing the talking and the Red Sox kids were shutting them up.

Tom Goering said...

My favorite bill board on 90 as you entered Boston;

If you are a Yankee Fan, Honk Your Horn!

In small print at the bottom of the sign it said,

There they are, GET'UM!

Go Rays! :)

Surfcaster said...


Ahhh, that was awesome. A true, light, awesome moment. Though missing some of the grit from the greatest sports comeback (choke for Spankme Fans) od all time ;)

Yer Marine said...

I called my sister immediately. Around midnight. Precisely the same comment from either end. "What now?"

Had been home from Al Anbar for a month. Nice welcome home, I must say!