Friday, October 15, 2010

Who Was The Woman Wandering Madalay Bay Lobby... her pajamas and socks?

Yeah, that was me.

The foot is better, but not normal and I was out of water and hungry. I could call room service and pay $4 for a bottle of water and $6 for juice.....or I could put on a bra, throw on my sweatshirt and sneak to the shop in the lobby.

Yeah, that water was only $3.00.


prestonious said...

Pants. Pants!! Gotta remember the pants. But then you are in Vegas -- would anyone notice?

Ponsdorf said...

Was thinking about this today.

Joanie said...

I should have given you my number and said, "Call if you need anything since I'm just up the road". Cuz I would have brought you ample supplies.

It was lovely meeting you! Honestly, I can't wait to see you again and hear more stories!