Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Valour-IT, #TeamNavy & Me

OK, this is the beginning of Project Valour-IT's big annual fundraiser.

It's also the first week of my 4th cycle of chemo.

After today's infusion appointment, I am going to stay with my parent's for the rest of this cycle and I have no idea what my internet availability will be.

So there is going to be some lag time.

I should have emailed teammates.

I should have a post written.

I should have lots of things, but I don't.


The bright side is that I should finish strong since the contest runs into Veterans' Day and I will be finished with this on the 4th.

So, please go read about Project Valour-IT & get ready to participate. I'll pull my shit together as soon as possible.

I want you on #TeamNavy!!! I want your money, I want your time, I want your blog, I want your Twitter account, I want your Facebook page.


Spockgirl said...

I am not a mili-blogger, but I wanted to support the Project Valour IT. So... as I have no ties to the U.S. Military per se, I was torn between supporting Team Marines or Team Army. With this dilemma, I had thought perhaps of going with Team Navy, just to avoid inner turmoil, SO, you helped me make my decision very early this morning when I read a little of your blog. I don't get many visitors to my rather sad blog, but if I can get one person to donate, then I will have accomplished something. Team Army is kicking ass right now.

You are one amazing gal.

Stella said...

You ARE one amazing gal. Send a friend request to Stella Johnson so I can add the Project Valour IT to my page.

...and whatever else you need, brave soul...