Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Kleptomania A Chemo Side Effect?

Just before I left on my #RoadTrip I finished everything at my house and brought the last of my clothes to Jen's. And I made sure everything was laundered. And I pulled everything out of the drawers to decide what would stay....what would go....what would be stored.

Two items turned up that were a little unfamiliar. A black dress sweater and a white blouse. I thought, this black sweater is perfect for the black slacks and sleeveless black & raspberry top I want to wear.

I packed it.

I wore it in Vegas & Annapolis.

I bought another sleeveless black & royal blue top because I was so happy with the "look".

I even put it over my black silk lounging pajamas to make my appearance a little more modest in the "house of bloggers".

Eventually I recalled buying the white blouse, but not the black sweater.

I noticed it was a "dry clean only" item. That was strange since I avoid items that need to be ironed....much less dry cleaned.

I wore it today, Jen & I both had appointments in Boston. When we were checking in at infusion, Jen turned to me and cocked her head to the side.....

"Is that my sweater?"

"Ah....I don't know."

The woman waiting behind us laughed and said "You are so bagged!"


We figure that I must have scooped it up from her room when folding my clothes from the laundry. Although Jennifer still labelled me a kleptomaniac.

Bye, bye, nice black sweater.

Otherwise we just had the nice normal steroid rage. As we were leaving infusion, the elevator doors opened on the first floor. there were two young ladies waiting to board. One moved to the side, the other stood there. Right in the way. Jen moved around her. I looked at her -

"Don't worry. Just stand there. In the way.........Jackass."

Gotta love steroid days! funny thing is, they gave me an oxy during infusion so I was kinda relaxed and mellow.


Pia said...

Really? Because I would have said that without the aid of steroids.

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! Without steroids she would have only earned a dirty look.