Friday, October 29, 2010

Today Was Better!

Here is a pic of the lovely flowers that Walter and Tom sent me yesterday to welcome me back to Charlestown. And tonight there was tuna in the tunafish bowl! I never get full effect, smelly tuna with onions at Jen's without big wah-wah-wah! It was accompanied by chips and Coke....delish!
I got up fairly early, picked up my script, got a bowtie to share with my mother, picked up some "hen party" snacks for Grace and Deb and I. I ran into my cousin Ann Marie in Johnnie's Foodmaster. It was funny because everyone talks about how you run into everyone in Charlestown there and I was just about to check out and hadn't seen anyone. I told my parents that I was feeling cheated until I bumped into Ann Marie. But poor Ann Marie! She asked how I liked being back in my old room and I got teary-eyed. I told her it was just the drugs and not to mind me. Mostly it was, I am over last night. It is what it is.

I have so many people taking care of me, wishing me well, doing nice things for me. So many more than I would have ever imagined possible.

Anyway, I came back and scored a good parking spot - Charlestown doesn't have many non-resident spots and the rest often have time limits.

I rested and then went back down to the Mall and got my hair cut and six highlights put in. Did I tell you about the blue & purple streak #Fail in Vegas? It didn't show up in my dark hair, even though the directions said it would. So today I had six sections bleached out. My niece Debbie will put in the blue and purple on those sections. Hence the need for snacks. Grace & Debbie will be over tomorrow. So my hair will be dressed up for Halloween.

Then I got another good spot....pretty lucky huh?

My father saw an obit for a girl he was close to all his life. I guess my grandmother and aunt wanted their relationship to be more than it was. He said she was at his going away party that the family threw when he left for the Navy and that his mother invited her to dinner when he came home after bootcamp. But he told his mother it wouldn't work.

Then he got this great smile on his face and said "Then I saw your mother the bus stop with Margie (one of my mother's great life-long friends) and boing! I knew. She didn't like me you know, said I was too bossy. She was a tomboy, played on your uncle's teams and she could outhit everyone on my team. But what could I do, I was running the team, I wasn't bossy."

Sure Dad.

So I wrapped up the night with smelly tuna. Hanging with my parents. Life is good.

My mother was watching some movie that had people yelling. My father came downstairs and pretended to yell at her about the volume. Then he said "I am Frank McInnis and I approve this message!"

My parents crack me up.


Spockgirl said...

Good to hear you are doing a bit better since your treatment the other day.

Further to my comment re: Valour IT, I got all the widgets and links from SA and M Ripley, and officially added my blog to Team Navy. Probably won't help much, but it's worth a shot.

Philip said...

Maggie, I don't know how many people read your blog, but I read it almost every day. I suspect that there are tons of people out here rooting for you. I'm one of them. Your sense of humor is awsome. I wish you well.

Go Navy, Beat Army.
Submariners do it deeper.
Go Tea Party.
(what'd I miss ?)

bigsoxfan said...

Good lord, we might be siblings or your mom might have known my mom Jane Finnegan Brockton, 50 something. I've grown up on the same interesting combinations of food. I'm trying to do better for my family, but I do digress to the comfort foods.
Best of luck with your horribly involved treatment and thanks for treating the rest of us as your family.