Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Will Be A Quickie

I popped back into work for a second because I wanted to shut down the computer. I had set all the virus scans and cleanups to run and snuck out for a massage. Someone very nice, who was apparently worried about my frail state of mind sent me a gift certificate for a massage. It was a for a place quite close to work, a hop skip and a jump away, Relaxation by Rae. I brought my own massage oil, the Lavender Chamomile from Bath & Body Works that is supposed to calm my nerves. Then I snuck down to Enoteca di Vino for a little tagliatelle bolognese and read my book - "The War After Armegeddon" - I'm nearly at the end and should be finished tomorrow. I am scheduled for a skeletal survey for the myeloma. They will be looking for bone damage. I figured I needed a relaxing evening. Right after the survey, Grace & I are headed down to Jen in New York to help her with a last minute project....McInnis sisters to the rescue!

Don't worry, we will be back in time for the Bunker Hill Day Parade on Sunday the 13th - if you want to come, drop me a line. You can stand next to me and then I am sure there will be enough food to feed you back at my parent's house!

Anyway, I popped in here for a minute and you know I can't resist checking my email. There was a message from My Marine. He wanted me to go read his latest -

Why We Fight

During the Second World War, the United States Government funded a series of films, directed by Frank Capra (It’s a Wonderful Life) and narrated by Walter Huston.

The films were intended to show the US Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine, as well as the American public, the evil nature of the enemy with which we engaged in that epic struggle. Looking back at those films is educational, as nothing in them was conjured. All of it, every bit, was truth. It was propaganda, a word we assiduously avoid today. Because we lack the perspective that Strategic Messaging is indeed propaganda. And the most effective propaganda is truth.

Perhaps it is time to revisit our ideas on the subject. We can start here.

At a time when we are hesitant to label our greatest terrorist threat Radical Islamic Jihadism, despite the fact that those engaged in that terrorism are radical, Islamic, and waging Jihad, we need to be reminded of the true nature of our enemy.

This is their vision of how we should live (From the AP):
Suspected Taliban militants publicly hanged a 7-year-old boy for spying in the militant stronghold of Helmand province, an Afghan official told the Associated Press.The child was placed on trial by the Islamic extremist group and later found guilty of working for Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government, the local official said.
Karzai on Thursday condemned the alleged act, calling it a “crime against humanity”.

Read it again. A 7-year old boy. Hanged after a trial for spying.

For those who think coexistence with these bloodthirsty creatures is possible through some sort of accommodation, or that such evil does not need to be destroyed, and destroyed by force of arms, let them see a 7-year old child on any street in America, and envision them hanging at the end of a rope.

The destruction of tyranny is as noble a goal in 2010 as it was in 1943.
It needs to be said. We need to stop hiding behind a wall of political correctness. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. We don't need to wipe out Islam. But we need to take the threat of Radical Islamic Jihadism seriously. We ignore it or placate it at our peril.

A 7 year old child. Jesus wept.

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iwojimaseabee said...

see you at the parade along with the members of the 26th YD living history group- I'll be the USN wave wwii reenactor/living history gal among the army green!