Monday, June 21, 2010

My Friends End Up In Strange Places

Does this look like someplace a Sailor should be??? But it is someplace they need my fav BMCS, so he is there. BTW, Senior @NavyNews sent out a "Happy Father's Day" greeting for you to his more than 11K followers.
From @NavyNews -
"RT @BostonMaggie Happy Father's Day BMCS Dotson serving in Af'stan instead of being home w kids & his Dad today. Thank you for your service."
Can I even hope to do as well when I go shooting with My Marine next Tuesday???? Hell no! Despite that fact that I will have the best possible instructor. Like the pic? Here's the post that goes with it over at Op-For. My friend in the pic...she's a fellow member of Red Sox Nation.


Pia said...

There is no better person to learn from than a Marine, and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. Okay, maybe I am.

You will have fun... eventually! Wish I could go with. I still prefer my shotgun to a handgun, but they don't fit in your purse. Unless you're like one of those hollywood types with a purse the size of a living room.

Have fun Maggie! Go Sawx!

bigsoxfan said...

That is one fine indoor range. Private or DOD? Never mind, I can quess and even if I am wrong, I'll never get acess. Hope you do though. Go Sox.

Pia said...

The range in the photo? That would be NRA headquarters in lovely Fairfax, VA! We're members, but non-members can use it, they just have to take a test.