Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Best Gift From My Parent's 50th

There were lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts yesterday...but my Uncle Kevin's present tops them all. This is the back of Grace's vehicle where we tried to fit them all. The 50 roses are from my Dad to my Mum. But the best came from my Uncle Kevin, my mother's youngest brother. He is a huge music fan. When Grace and I were little, he confiscated my mother's 45 record player. Grace and I were none too gentle with it. He saved it from sure destruction.

In March when were planning this party, of course, music was part of the discussion. I left Kevin voice mail asking who sang "Honey Love" & "Shaboom". This gave Kevin a gift idea. He dug out the player and found a company in Ohio that restores such things.

By the time he gave her the gift, my mother was inside, resting in the AC. It was a long, humid day and we spent most of it in Frankie's back yard....have I mentioned it was a perfect party?

My niece Genevieve came out to get me and when I walked into the living room I was shocked. I told Kevin it looked just like my mothers and I wondered where he got it. Several people were delighted to tell me that it was my mothers...perfectly restored!

So I went up today and shot a video of the player on the buffet of the dining room. "Honey Love" was "Banned in Boston" and my mother had to drive to Rhode Island with her friends to get her copy!


Boquisucio said...

That's one great IPod, your mom got. Loved dat video, Mag.

Tom Goering said...

I feel like break dancing! :)