Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just So You Know....

....I will be offline most of today, but not because anything is wrong.

Jen & I are picking up favors and centerpieces for our parent's 50th anniversary party on Saturday.

Lately I have been being secretive, so everyone finds my actions suspect.

How much do I love @NavyNews????

He put up this Tweet -
"What's your favorite Navy flik? Go behind scenes on how it happens: Wow - we're ready 4 our closeup!"

The link is to a story about #USNavy cooperation with Hollywood to make sure the Navy parts are right. It was short and interesting. You should watch it.

So I responded -
"@NavyNews How do you beat John Wayne in Navy whites in love with a woman named "Maggie"?????? You can't!"

And this is the reply that made my day -
"@BostonMaggie Yeah... but we ALL love a woman named "Maggie" ~ back in the day PHMRON 2 (hydrofoils) motto was "In Harms Way"

Awwww, that warmed the cockles of my teeny tiny heart!

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Capt Dave Werner said...

As always, YOU are too kind. I -- WE -- appreciate your approach, candor, and unending support. Thanks for your continuous support, and we'll see you when you return. :) Capt Dave