Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This Is Just Devastating

Yes, other Presidents golf.

Yes, other Presidents take vacations.

Yes, other Presidents go to dinner.

Yes, other Presidents go to fundraisers.

But Obama and his team are purported to be such geniuses that it always takes my breath away with they come up with something so very, very tone deaf.

If I liked Obama I would be pissed at his staff for creating the opportunity that PolitiPage took advantage here. This photo essay is just devastating. The only way you could more clearly paint Obama as uncaring would be to get him on tape saying he didn't care.

This is not to say he doesn't care, maybe he does. But perception is reality. This looks bad. PR wise this is as stupid as Obama passing on being at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day. You can agree or disagree that he should have been there, but you can't argue that *not* going was bad publicity.

It's one thing to get beaten. It's another to hand your detractors the club with which to beat you.

Go look at the pictures and see if you don't agree that he should fire everyone connected with creating and preserving his image.

h/t BiggBill


Anonymous said...

Impeach Obama before he ruins more of America than he has already destroyed.

Nina said...

The pictures are indeed devastating PR wise ... Looking at the timeline in this manner. I'm nearly speechless. As angry as the pictures make me, the one that makes me the angriest is the one of the President 'sitting' on the desk!! How very crass

Tom Goering said...

Hey, Walter Cronkite isn't dead - he is sitting behind the President at Twelve Bones!