Friday, June 18, 2010


Did you just say "What?"????? Really? Here at the most loyal of Navy blogs you don't know "HUZZAH!"?
In America's military services there are many rallying cries - "HOOAH" for the Army, "OORAH" for the Marines and even "AHROO" for the Air Force (sounds a bit confused, doesn't it?)
But "HUZZAH!" is what you hear when you hang with the crew of USS Constitution!
Friends at the US Naval Institute forwarded this pic of a real license plate in Maryland. I want to know whose it is, lol.
In the email My Marine questioned the meaning and I replied "Baby! It's a Navy thing!"


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

HUZZAH! is a Badger thing, as well.

Boquisucio said...

I know that it is supposed to represent The Star Spangled Banner under the Rocket Red Glare, while flying at Fort McHenry. But here in the Free State of Maryland we are derisively referring to it as:

The Grand Opening of a WalMart. Maybe a Petco.