Thursday, December 24, 2009

To The J.E. Williams Elementary School PTA

Maybe you want to pick on someone who doesn't have one arm tied behind their back.

CJ and Emily thought that the J.E. Williams Elementary School PTA at their children's school was a particapatory organization. They thought the "P" stood for "Parent". As such they went to the meeting to voice - you know - what do they call it? - oh yeah, an opinion. But no, there was no where to do that. They thought that was odd, you know since the PTA bylaws stated that they followed Robert's Rules of Order. When there was no debate on a motion, CJ read aloud from Robert's Rules of Order citing the passage about how you make a motion, second a motion, debate, then vote.

Well of course, that was pretty unusual for you people huh? I mean, where did he get the nerve thinking that he could just, you know, exercise his 1st amendment right to SPEAK!

You can go after CJ Grisham and his wife because they dare think they should have a voice in how their child's school is run.

You can go to CJ's chain of command because he doesn't just roll over for you.

You can go to CJ's chain of command a second time because the first person you talk to is not prepared to just lay down for the sake of shutting you up.

You can write such utter bullshit on Facebook that I nearly GAG.

You have abused the process. You have abrogated CJ's civil rights. You have found the achilles heel of his command - someone who wants quiet, not justice.

But guess what you can't can't intimidate or silence me. But please, please try.

In the words of my fav FDNY firefighter, Mike Moran........"You can kiss my Royal Irish Ass!"


BillT said...

You have found the achilles heel of his command - someone who wants quiet, not justice.

His commander's *real* Achilles heel is that his commander isn't a real commander -- merely someone occupying the position, without a clue about what the job entails.

Mrs. K said...

Hope Santa brought Jennifer some spell check.

BostonMaggie said...

Mt Darling Chief - You are completely correct.

Mrs. K - ROFLMAO! Yes....but let's clarify - you are referring to the Jennifer from the PTA & not "our" Jennifer.

Mrs. K said...

from the link about FB.

BillT said...

I'm afraid Jennifer needs more help with grammar (and logic) than Spellcheck will be able to provide, Mrs K...

Mrs. K said...

Baby steps, Bill, baby steps.

Jenn said...

I have found it quite amusing that all the comments directed towards me are on my lack of use of spell check and to think I thought you were a bunch of idiots. I do apologize for my spelling errors but this was almost 2 months ago do you have no other lives besides this. Maybe you should go feed the homeless or stray dogs or find something constructive to do other than amusing us !!

BostonMaggie said...

Jenn! Welcome to our discussion!

Where to start?

Do spelling errors expire? Is that why you dismiss yours after two months?

I know some people pointed out the spelling errors...and let's not forget the poor grammar as well. However, I was not one of them. I said it was "utter bullshit" and really there is no excuse for that.

We actually have plenty to do despite your fine suggested uses of our time. I am sure you will find many homeless advocates and animal lovers among the good solid Americans who are behind this campaign. You see we are all believers in the Constitution and that sort of solid citizenship also extends itself to taking care of those around us.

Can it be that you hope your comment here will have the effect of making us question our actions? Seriously? Now you are amusing me!

Has the spotlight been so uncomfortable that you would risk stirring all this back up again by coming out here? Strategy #FAIL Jenn.

You know Jenn, instead of apologizing for spelling errors, you should be apologizing to everyone you insulted with that thoughtless screed you posted on FaceBook. You should also be apologizing for trying to railroad CJ for having the gall to exercise his 1st amendment right to free speech.

So in conclusion Jenn, let me remind can't silence or intimidate me.

Stop by anytime!

Greta Perry said...

#strategyFAIL OMG ROTFL!

CJ said...

Oh, Jen. It wasn't lost on me that you came in here to defend yourself against your spelling instead of your actions. I guess because they are indefensible. You're a master of deception and slight of hand, but I've learned who you are. You're no better than those with whom you serve on that board, spelling aside.

And for the record, I love animals - especially grilled over an open flame. I love when it only takes one shot to take them down because I hate wasting ammo. Yes, animals are great and I recommend Worchestershire sauce during the prep phases.

To everyone else, this is the same woman that tried to pretend that she was on my side; that I had been wronged and she had been misled. She lied to my face about leaving the board and making this right. Her guilty conscience brought her here, but she's just as culpable as others in this mess.

Carrie said...

Hey Jen..
Karma is a lot of things and you're about to discover how many.
CJ is a friend and what you've done is inexcusable. Your spelling errors are simply dumb.
Your other actions are what most of us find offensive.


Riverrunner said...

Well Jen - they probably start with the spelling and grammar because the rest of you argument is so, so, so … well crazy is the word I'm looking for.

By the way I watched the PTA meeting video where CJ was such a meanie. Maybe you ought to go back and watch it again, because the only people that were out of bounds, rude, hostile or otherwise unprofessional were the PTA officers, the Principal, the Security Guard, and the Police Officer. I must say I'll take CJ any day of the week over the cabal you had going on at that PTA meeting.

You can also rest assured that I've done something constructive besides shake my head at your venomous rant.

Emily said...

Jen, are you willing and ready to defend yourself and say these things under oath? Or will your story change again when you're called to the carpet?