Thursday, December 24, 2009

Big Guns

So....I'm sitting here forlorn, crestfallen...poor Princess Crabby.....*looks around to see if anyone is buying this*

All the milbloggers of my Navy Coterie got an email....all but me.

I point this out. Someone else says that it's interesting that they sent it to us. I stamp my feet and type - "OK, what "us"? I didn't get it. I am going off into a corner and sulk."

The reply comes -
"PS: Maggie, you need to talk about big guns to get questioned about your opinions on them…"

Fine! This is a big gun and I am way tight with the people who yell "FIRE"


Anonymous said...


A most Merry Christmas to you and yours, and my wish for a most wonderful and prosperous New Year too. I promise to visit more often. Honest.


AW1 Tim

Yer Marine said...


That sure ain't a 57mm peashooter like the LCS has.

BillT said...

I note that the gun bunnies painted the carriages *pink* in your honor.

That's proof-positive you're in with 'em.

Steve said...

But that gun is a carronade...not a "real" gun...up to about 1800, carronades usually weren't counted in the ship's rating.
It's sort of like a mortar in today's armed forces -- where a "real" gun is at least 40 calibers long.