Friday, December 04, 2009

Congressman Dan Burton & US Navy SEALs

Listen, you know I support SO2 McCabe, SO2 Keefe & SO1 Heurtas in their fight to clear their names. But people like Congressman Dan Burton aren't helping. Congressman Burton was just on FoxNews explaining how upset he is.....

And then he went all off track.

The point isn't whether or not it is right or wrong to have struck the terrorist.

The point isn't whether or not said terrorist is scum.

The point definitely has nothing to do with Attorney General Holder bringing GITMO detainees to New York for trial. And damn sure has nothing to do with Abu Ghraib.

Read the charges, they have to do with conflicting stories and possible interference with an investigation. The Navy is not saying it is right or wrong to hit a terrorist. The Navy is not saying that these men hit the terrorist. The Navy is not saying this POS, Ahmed Hashim Abed is a poor victim. The Navy is saying that an allegation was made and when they tried to get to the bottom of it, there was a problem.

This has nothing to do with Abed. This has everything to do with how the SEALs handle themselves and their fellow servicemen.

The system is in place to settle this matter. Let it go forward. Let the story see the light of day. These SEALs will have their day in court and that's how it is supposed to be.

Congressman Dan Burton spouting off at ADM Mullen about how he thinks Mullen should "do something about this" is ludicrous. For pity's sake Congressman, do a little research and look up "unlawful command influence". How would anyone be helped by having ADM Mullen, the CJCS squash this matter? If anything it would bring a bigger problem. It would look like these SEALs were guilty and needed help out of a jam. It would look like they couldn't stand up in the justice system and be vindicated.

The SEALs requested the courts martial. Let them have it.

If you want to help, the SEALs have a legal defense fund - write a check.
Navy SEALs Legal Defense Fund
Acct. #435020290711
c/o Bank of America
Ft Eustis VA 23604


Tom Goering said...

Well said Maggie.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Isn't this why the Geneva Convention took place? If the roles were reversed, and this happened to one of us in a foreign country we would be crying foul. I think in the same position as the SEALS, I would have acted the same way, but that doesn't make it OK. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Where is the professionalism and the military bearing we are known for the world over?

Tom Goering said...


I think what Maggie is saying is that if wrongs were proven to be committed then those who committed them should be held accountable, and it would be wrong to just sweep it under the rug as the congressman is suggesting.

BostonMaggie said...

I don't know what you are disagreeing with. The Geneva Conventions have nothing to do with that charges brought against the SEALs.

You ask where the professionalism and military bearing are? They are in this process. The fact that an allegation was investigated *at all* speaks to the fact that our military takes human rights more seriously than any other military in the history of the world.

You say you would have acted "in the same way". The same way as what? You have no idea what happened. None of us do. That is the point of the investigation.

You say "2 wrongs don't make a right". That is correct. But what "wrong" or "wrongs" are you talking about?

Go read the charges as brought. Only one is charged with assault - SO2 McCabe. They are all charged with interfering with the investigation - "making a false official statement"; "dereliction of performance of duty"; "impediment of an investigation".

So an allegation was brought. There was an investigation. Charges were brought. There was an offer of Captain's Mast (or Admiral's, depending on who was presiding). That offer was refused and a Courts Martial was requested instead. This process is ongoing. How does this involve or violate the Geneva Conventions?

And by the way, this happens to us all the time in foreign countries, so there's no "what if" there.

BostonMaggie said...

Tom - Thanks! And thanks for the Tweets as well.

wolfwalker said...

Thanks, Maggie. This story smelled fishy to me ever since I first heard it. It makes MUCH more sense if they're being charged with violations connected with the investigation, rather than smacking around a prisoner who wasn't actually all that much smacked around. No matter what the situation, nobody can be allowed to lie in an official investigation and get away with it.

wolfwalker said...

Oh, and Maggie, can you provide a link to someplace we can read the formal charges? I tried a couple of web searches, and was drowned in news articles and blog posts.

BostonMaggie said...

Official documents were supposed to be released yesterday, December 4th. But to my knowledge they weren't. So far everything we know is based on people who have seen the deocuments. As soon as I find them I will link them.